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Jerk Jam is all about family

The idea is to create a one love vibe where you and the kids can kick back, relax and enjoy the day.
You won’t be hearing that dreaded family festival mantra… “Mum, Dad. Can I have a pound for…?”
We’ll be providing bouncy castles, inflatables, ball pit, rodeo bull, tea cup ride, face paints, body paints, glitter, Arts, Crafts and anything else that we manage to arrange before now and the big day for FREE!!
Nada, Nish, Nought, Not a bean, Nuffink.
Alongside all that you’ll be able to race segways around a mini race track. Didn’t know that was a thing did you? Well it is!
They’ll be market vendors, magicians, circus performers and a whole lot more to boot.
So there ya go peeps. What ya sayin’?