Polaroid-BBQWe began as a casual cook out in the back garden, inspired by our annual trips to Notting Hill Carnival. But when a group of slightly competitive foodies get together, convinced that they have THE recipe for jerk chicken, things are going to get heated. Throw in great music and our friends and family as an audience and soon a fierce competition was raging! Polaroid-BBQ

Over the past 5  years this annual competition has grown, new faces appear around the jerk pans, and the music has crept a little louder. More delicious caribbean BBQ is offered up for judging and Austins garden gets a little fuller!

This is our second year in this secluded country location. Last year’s attendees were FANTASTIC and we learnt a lot. We’ve made some tweaks and adjustments, everything has gotten bigger and better and as for the food combat, we’ve really raised the steaks (bad joke). We are so pleased to be able to invite you all to share and spread the positive vibes.

Stay Blessed!

Jerk Jam co.