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Uptons of Bassett, Butchers.Providing the meat for this years Jerk Off competition is Uptons of Bassett. This great company located only a little way from Titchfield was taken over by Simon Broadribb in 1994, marking the culmination of his extensive training and experience as a butcher from the age of 13. Pioneering a spirit of traditional quality with a commitment to fulfilling today’s needs and addressing modern welfare concerns is second nature to a man whose family have been local poulterers and fishmongers since the turn of the last century.


As you would expect Uptons of Bassett are regularly recognised in national and regional competitions. Many of the winning products use methods handed down from generations past, skilfully brought up to date by Simon and his dedicated team.Uptons of Bassett has also been voted Best Butchers Shop in the South West and one of the top five in England.

Sourcing the best quality breeds, with an emphasis on local, free range products ensures meat from Uptons of Bassett not only tastes outstanding, but answers health and animal welfare concerns too. Developing lasting relationships with the farmers that supply the shop is key and not only guarantees quality but allows meat to be traced to its source. Very reassuring for any consumer, not just meat eaters with a conscience.

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